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Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the most important key to success. If you like what you do, you will definitely succeed.

Albert Schweitzer, a humanist, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Before you succeed, it is necessary to believe in it. Faith must come from necessity. Incorrectly chosen goals, wrong planning and even wrong choices can fail. The right strategy, a principled position and the acquisition of work experience are the main factors on the way to success.

The results achieved with the rise to the level of leadership and the continuous, intense and sustained activity that stand behind them allows us to proudly list our achievements.

In 2017 the Prospect ERP website www.prospect.az was awarded the prize of the National Internet Award of Azerbaijan NETTY 2017 in the nomination Corporate site

In 2010, PRONET Prospect ERP was awarded a certificate of compliance with the quality of the management system of the Certification System of the Russian Federation

Fujitsu Technology Solutions provided a PRONET Prospect ERP certificate of the distributor, confirming the official permission to sell in the country.

In 2014, PRONET Prospect ERP awarded the certificate of participation in connection with the 20th anniversary of the Azerbaijan Telecommunications and Information Technologies Exhibition.

Fujitsu Technology Solutions confirmed the status by providing the company PRONET Prospect ERP certificate of the Service Partnership

In 2010, Zaur Mammadov, Technical Director of PRONET Prospect ERP took part in Microsoft training sessions and received a certificate from the System Engineer.

In 2007, PRONET Prospect ERP received the IQNet certificate and the Russian Register Certification Association in the field of System Management for the delivery and maintenance of computer and telecommunications equipment, the installation of telecommunications and computer networks, and the development of software.

In 2016 Project Manager PRONET Prospect ERP Samir Shalbuzov was awarded Project Management İnstitute and GRBS with the 'Project Management' certificate for the successful completion of the training.

In 2015, the System Administrator of PRONET Prospect ERP Sergey Firstov was awarded the CISCO certificate for participation in the training of Routing and Switching.

In 2014, the System Administrator of PRONET Prospect ERP Sergey Firstov was awarded the CISCO certificate for participation in the training of Network Technologies.

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