Service of server equipment

- Raising and managing the DNS server

- Raising and managing the Kerio server

- Raising and managing the Active Directory (Domain controller)

- Raising and managing the Zone Minder server

- Raising and managing terminal servers

- Raising and managing a DHCP server

- Raising and managing a web server

- Creating a GIT server

- Raising and managing the WDS server

- Raising and managing the FTP server

- Raising and managing the GSurf server

- Raising and managing the Mail (MDAEMON) server

- C server elevation and management

- Raising and managing the File (sharing) server

- Installation and management of RAİD


- Adjustment of IP telephony (İVR, sound lines, routing)

- Set-up of IP telephones, FXO, FXS, E1, G4 and PBX (ProCall, Grandstream UCM61XX, CUCM)

- Identification and resolution of IP telephony problems

- Raising and full adjustment of the Centos server

- Backup Asterisk server

- Configuring Asterisk server configurations (İVR, routing, database, voice files, etc.)

- Backup server freeswitch

- Configuring Freeswitch server configuration (İVR, routing, base, voice files, etc.)

- Creating SİP trunk

- Creating a SIP user

- Setting up Cisco IP phones

Sizing (dimensioning)

- Server infrastructure sizing

- Sizing solutions İP Telephony

- Sizing systems İP video surveillance

- Sizing of network services (1C, Internet, database, etc.)


- Integration of ProCall and Asterisk CUCM servers, etc. from automatic telephone exchange

- Integration of network equipment with automation systems

- Integration of the information base

- Integration of Click to call and SMS service

- Setting up different vendor İP phones (Grandstream, Cisco, Karel, Yealink, etc.) on ProCall and Asterisk servers

Video surveillance

- Installation of IP cameras

- DVR and NVR setup

- Identifying and solving problems in video surveillance systems

- Installation of analog cameras

- Installation of video surveillance systems

Repair and diagnostics

- Primary diagnostics and repair of laptops

- Primary Diagnosis and Repair of Personal Computers

- Primary diagnostics and repair of mobile devices (tablet)

- Primary diagnostics and repair of monitors

- Primary diagnostics and repair of servers

- Primary diagnostics and repair of surveillance cameras


- Trainings on Prospect ERP modules (HRM, ESD, CC and Hot Lines, Examination and Attestation Systems, etc.)

- Web Programming PHP

Help Desk (support for user places and infrastructure)

Setting up and installing operating systems of server equipment

Raising the Klaster system

Installation and adjustment of storage systems

Management and backup of SQL, MySQL servers

Carrying out of technical inspection of servers

Raising VmWare ESXi server, raising and setting up virtual machines on servers

Creating and Applying the Cloud Infrastructure Architecture

Application of videoconferences

Setting up a VPN

Remote (online) technical consultation

Technical advice during meetings, meetings, etc.

Preparation of technical documents for automation projects

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