ProLog - effective logistics management

1st module:

Unique Database

Unique integrated database of transportation vehicles
Unique integrated database of warehouse facilities
Unique integrated database of warehouseman and other users
Unique integrated database of drivers and expeditors etc.

2nd module:

Management of orders

Warehouse orders
Sale orders
Reservation of goods
Order of goods for internal consumption
Receipt and confirmation of orders
Notifications of executed orders etc.

3rd module:

Goods (cargo) management

Order of vehicles
Adding vehicle tour of duty
Vehicle loading
Vehicle shipment
Vehicle arrival to the address
Vehicle handover of goods etc.

4th module:

Online Information

Status of current orders (received, executed etc.)
Status of goods on road (transit)
Status of arrived (shipped) goods etc.

5th module:


Reporting of incoming orders
Report of warehouse remainders
Transport schedule of vehicles
Report on transported goods
Report on reserved products
Report on drivers and expeditors etc.

6th module:

Management of products and remainders in warehouse

Dislocation of products in warehouse
Movement of goods in warehouse
Control over minimum warehouse remainders
Registration of products via barcode
Management of calculation of warehouse remainders etc.

7th module:

Integration to Other Systems

Integration to GPS system
Integration to existing “Warehouse-Sale” system

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