We cooperate with companies with world-wide names, within the framework of distribution contracts!

In 2003, PRONET-Prospect ERP signed a partnership agreement with one of the manufacturers of Germany's copying technology Fujitsu-Siemens. After that the first specialized Laptop Sales Center called CENTRON was opened in Baku. In 2007, a partnership agreement between PRONET and Fujitsu-Siemens was replaced by a distribution agreement. At the end of 2007, Fujitsu recognized PRONET as the Best Seller of Laptops of the Year. In 2008, the Service Agreement was signed between Fujitsu and PRONET. In the same year, PRONET company opened an official Service Center of Fujitsu. This Center is working to this day.

The company PRONET-Prospect ERP in 2005 signed a distribution agreement with the American VoİP company Grandstream. Grandstream is one of the main partners of PRONET and the products of Grandstream play an important part in the company's projects. PRONET, which established Call Centers in a number of leading companies in Azerbaijan, used IP telephony devices for Grandstream. Today, the products of Grandstream are in great demand, which is satisfied within the framework of PRONET's distribution activities. At the moment, Grandstream products have been used in more than 60 large projects on the Communications Market of Azerbaijan and have already over 230 satisfied customers. A number of state institutions, enterprises, holdings and companies use products of this brand.


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