ProSpect ERP system in "Sirab" JSC!

ProSpect ERP system in "Sirab" JSC!

"Sirab" JSC, starting from the fifties of XX century, is a constantly developing company, that have preserved its brand and its position in the market of mineral water production in Azerbaijan.

In January of this year, our company has signed a new contract with "Sirab"JSC. According to the agreement, "Sirab" JSC began the implementation of one of the Prospect ERP solutions aimed at business development - Human resources management.

By applying Prospect, in the direction of human resources management, a number of important for JSC "Sirab" issues will find their solution.

Attendance Management

Gives the opportunity to observe the daily activities, changes in the schedule, permits, applications and also many other acts of employees, to carry out relevant operations (to confirm, reject and etc) as well as receive a variety of reports on various criteria.

Accounting of salary

Prospect ERP system, by automating the process of calculation of wages considering the factors that influence the salary (extra working hours, sick leave, vacation, business trip, etc), noticeably simplifies accountants work..

Receiving reports

This software solution allows you to receive visual reports of employees, lateness, work assignments, absences, holidays and other important indicators.

In addition, for the convenience of users of Android a special mobile application of applied solution was created. This service allows owners of smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system stay informed and save time.

Within the wide range of cooperation activities with "Sirab" JSC, also planned use of other Prospect ERP system solutions aimed to business automation.

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ProSpect ERP system in "Sirab" JSC!

"Sirab" JSC, starting from the fifties of XX century, is a constantly developing company...

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