Emotional intelligence and professional activity

Development of a market economy and integration of country's economy has led to intensification of competition in the market. Therefore, in order to be more competitive in this race one company ought to create and develop it's human resources. The main in this case is a human capital and human resources. Without human resources it is impossible to develop competition. By investing money can be achieved some success. If both human capital and investments exist it will cause more good results. In this respect, the success of the company depends more on the fact that those who serve with emotional intelligence, emotional intelligence because of the skillful management of the most important component of any organization.

 In order to facilitate understanding of the concept of emotional intelligence in the office of Pronet company held a seminar on the topic "emotional intelligence in professional activity" by the CEO Emin Asgarov. The seminar was translated live on the youtube channel of the company. Such topics as "What is the emotion?", "Basic emotions", "positive and negative aspects of emotional memory," "neocortex and limbic systems", "rational and emotional thinking" and so on was treated with interest by the participants. 

Emin Asgarov noted that, "though in the recent years the the term emotional intelligence (EQ) has gained a lot popularity in the world of business, there is no precise definition for this term in science. In a nutshell emotional intelligence is considered to be the ability to recognize your own and others' emotions to manage them and create relations of its' basis. Then participants exchanged their thoughts on the issues such as "understanding and acceptance of subjectivity of reality," "emotional culture", "self-handling culture", "emotional intelligence levels of development", "emotional intelligence factors that influence (egocentrism and reflection). 

Talking about emotional intelligence Emin Askerov pointed out that having high emotional intelligence cause reduces of destructive conflicts in the team, respect of the feelings, corporative culture, understanding of company's missions, loyalty to the company, being ready to the changes and innovations etc. while lack of emotional intelligence can cause some problems.

Emin Asgarov also noted that, first of all each employee should see the positive results of his/her work understand the importance of the work for the company. In this case, the employee is aware of the importance of their duties and serve the nature and the frame for the enterprise is becoming more efficient. At the end of the seminar Emin Askerov answered to the questions of participants and those who joined online. 

There is no doubt that this seminar as many other events held by LC Pronet will eliminate many problems. 

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Emotional intelligence and professional activity

Development of a market economy and integration of country's economy has led to intensification of competition...

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