6 errors which prevent you from selling

İs there any person on the earth who does not want to be successful? Such, perhaps, does not exist. Sellers are a special people. The desire to be successful is flowing in their blood. But often the elementary mistakes of the sellers stand on the way to the cherished goal.

Mistake # 1

Inability to listen

At a time when the customer is talking, the seller should listen and understand the problem. After that manager can easily find out how the product can help the client. He focuses the product on the problem and presents it to the buyers. The sale happens by itself.

"Seller-Buyer" relations are built only on trust. This is important in successful sales.

Mistake # 2

Lack of empathy for the client

The mistakes of sales consultants are basically that they do not try to put themselves in the client's place. And meanwhile, having learned not only to listen, but also empathize with the client, the seller is able to become effective and successful.

Care for a person must be sincere and interest in his problems is real. Evidence of this should be the questions that the manager asks the client, trying to solve his problem, and not just to probe the soil. The client feels the attitude. Real feelings without falseness will pay off a hundredfold. For sincerity, the client will repay sincerity.

Mistake # 3

The client is the enemy

This is how some sellers treat their customers. But the client is not an enemy, but a friend. The potential buyer is not the one with whom the seller has to fight, prevail, forcefully persuade of something. This is not the person to be led or outwitted. Yes, unfortunately, inept salesmen believe that their duty is to hold their customers. They seem to compete - who is whom.

Mistake # 4

Ignore and do not share the client's point of view

Each seller knows the truth - he must emphasize the properties and quality of the product. But from this and follow the main mistakes of sellers. After all, the secret is that the client's decision to purchase the goods does not primarily come from the properties of the product. The customer is concerned about the benefits. The benefit is what the customer first gets. The benefit can be anything:

Improvement of labor productivity;

Acceleration of production;

Reduction of transaction costs.

The profit, not the sales figures, is what the seller needs to concentrate on the manager.

Mistake # 5

Convincing, not explaining

Errors of beginning sellers look something like this:

- They drive the customer into a corner;

- Tell about the wonderful qualities of the product or service;

- Overcome all obstacles and objections;

- Achieve customer purchase of their goods.

Each of these actions is useless and wrong at the root. We must move in the opposite direction. The first point in the right direction is to understand the client's problem. The second is to demonstrate how the product can solve the client's problem.

Mistake # 6 

Bias or underestimation of a client's mental abilities

Sometimes it may seem to the seller that his client does not understand what he is being told at all. And this is quite natural. A potential customer does not have to go into the details of the business. He is not interested in details and nuances. The only thing that excites him when interacting with the seller is how the proposed product or service will affect the solution of his problems. That's the main thing for the customer.

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