CRM in the Retail Store - is the secret weapon to fight for customers

Sales indicators declines, benefits are reduced... 

If you are owner of a store or retail outlets, most probably you have faced with such types of problem and of course you have tried to find out their primary reasons... Your sales people can justify such a situation unfortunate located point of sale, low flotation ability, and as result - lack of potential buyers, and more competitors in the intrigues that have arranged the sale of hisg prices. You could assume that the reasons are unsuccessful advertising campaign, lack of experienced staff and their laziness. 

Were you able to identify the weak point that caus to reduce earns? Or do you still build your business on assumptions? If You don't see so far the clear picture of the sales and can't use existing sources effectively CRM will help you.

CRM in the Retail Store

How CRM works and how it can affect the level of sales? 

Let's observe the superiority of the CRM System in PROCRM sample. 

ProCRM easily adapts to the requirements of the retail network that's why, you have a chance to collect the complete statistical information about clients and staff. Also, for instance, you can figure out how many of those who are coming to the shop are leaving their contact informations and how many of your sales staff  are emailing to these contacts. What kind of arguments leave customers when you refuce to complete the transaction?Who are your ideal buyers (gender, age, preferable products)? How many customers buy in their first attend, how many of them negotiate trying to get some discounts and spend money only after second or third attend. In which period the sales level extremely goes down?

ProCRM will help systematize all information and will present all the necessary reports in an understandable way. Thus, by determining the weak points of your business (product, staff, number of customers) you can direct all your efforts to solve the main problems.

"Smart" CRM in the ProCRM system for retail sales store will help you to keep all notes and necessary events in mind. It will remind every seller that you need to call customer, send a quotation or a catalog with samples, arrange delivery.

You and your staff will be able to regulate working procedure by planning responsibilities of each position. You will get notifications about meetings and calls and you will solve problems in early stages by seeing the clear picture. For instance, you can prevent the delay of delivery of the goods, moreover, you will reserve  a sufficient number of personnel by being aware about the stream of customers in particular period of the time.

You will be able to rectify current affairs and documents. CRM for retail stores will help you to administer reservation just like sales.In ProCRM system you can keep the complete registration of documents, also you will be informed about the conracts  which expiry date is closer, as well as which of suppliers and partners should be contacted and also you can monitor compliance in the implementation of the contract conditions, moreover do comparison of  prices and  use some other possibilities.

As you see, ProCRM can play role of real a savior in the condition of the serious rivalry and strong competition.

For getting more detailed informaion about functionalty of ProCRM and presentation of the system in your company please feel free to contact us.

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