CRM in a Real Estate Agency: superiority of the discipline on the profit

Reiltors are working hard without breaks, it is easy to regulate their working process and results. 

There is a high accuracy on the data base, no duplicate information, the access to other's database is strongly limited. 

To a man, who had previously been in contact with the agency, adress by name and remembers, what he was looking for and what he wanted, even if passed more than six months... 

Once the database receives a new object in five minutes several clients are starting to show interest. 

Directorship of many real estate agencies are in desire for the working process regulated in such way. But in reality everything is different. 

Information about objects and clients is various and confused. In many cases sales staff forgets to check up the information, to call to a customers and to make an appointment with them. If a customer left to think and came back in two months, most probably no one will remember any information of him. 

  • CRM for Real Estate agency can help you to solve such kind of problems, to rise the level of customer orientation, 
  • to regulate the working process of agency as well as to increase profit. 

The problems that ProCRM    - crm system    eliminates in realtor services sphere.  
  • 1. The problem in gathering, selecting and researching information in database.   
  • Thanks to ProCRM you can get your staff to forget about excel files and thick notebooks, confusion and duplication of application. 
  • From the first call or attend of a custormer, information about client, as well as all details of the objects will be in the database. 
  • ProCRM — is the appropriate CRM sistem for real estate agency. This system can be customized so effectively that it will be in capacity to classify all the apartments, houses and offices based on different parameters. You can select the objects which are ready for sale or for rent just  by one simple click on the button. 

  • 2. The problem of human factor.   
  • ProCRM eliminates the problem of forgetfulness of realtors. The system will help to each employee to prepare the list of daily tasks in the working process and at the end of the day you will be able to see which issues have not been solved. Thus, the customers will be focused on the proper level, while you, as a leader, will be able to observe how much effort shows your dependents.

  • 3. The problem of the difficulties of the continuous registration of the orders. 
  • Through ProCrm, it is possible to observe the whole process beginning from the acceptance of the order to its completion and hand over stage. If the process stops at any level, you will be able to see and to solve it on time. 

  • 4. Security and Document Turnover problem.   
  • The System will help you to prepare the contract in a short period of time and will give you opportunity to determine what kind of documents are absent to start the implementation. 
  • Also, you can easily block the access to confidential information for ordinary employees. Realtors will be able to see only their own clients in system and to execute their private transactions. 

  • 5. The problem of inability to track the history of a customer or object.    
  • Apartments, houses and offices are considered to be characteristic sales object - The object either should be sold immediately or it can wait for a buyer for months. Crm system for real estate agency is the opportunity to quickly raise the history of any activity. So you will be able to easily find out all the details (legal factors, the desires of customers or existing problems)  even after 10-12 months.   Your customers will be proud of being recognized from personal aspect and events linked to them, they will tell to others about your advantage and it is going to be your award in the background of your efforts. 

  • 6. The problem of reports.   
  • Features of ProCRM - the crm system for real estate agency is able to compile any required reports in simple and visual diagrams as well as in graphic design format. 
  • You will be able to compare performance indicators of your managers and realtors daily, weekly, monthly and clarify how effective were your meetings and presentation of objects and it will give you perfect opportunity to find out most beneficent direction. 

 ProCRM  will help you to stand in rivalry with competitor agencies and  always to be one step forward.  

Address to us to get set of CRM tools. Presentation of working process of the system is free.   

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