How to increase auto sales up to 20% with CRM?


    Are in Auto sales sphere and do you want to grow the profit?


    Do you know at which stage - primary consulting, meeting or test drive - potential clients are being lost?


    Your customer database is not structured and in absence of your sales manager you don't know how your clients are 'ready', what do they want and at what direction you are going to work with them?

    All these problems can be solved by implementation of ProCRM - Smart CRM for autosales and work with potential clients 

 8 opportunites of  ProCRM  that will turn your business to conveyor  

  • 1. Structured Customer Database. 
  • You will know everything about the customer, not just a name and phone. In ProCRM you will easily formulate the list of interested customers who like certain car brands and will know their preferences in terms of their color and complectation. So if in the salon there be a novelty - you will be immediately find a client in the database to whom you can offer it.

  • 2. Car Database.   
  • Keep all the information of car in one single database, note all the transferred and ordered cars. Take advantage of the opportunity of the integration and upload from other databases. Through this functions of ProCRM for sales your clients will never hear this phrase: "Sorry, an error has occurred, the car was already booked". 

  • 3. Application database.   
  • With CRM the sales tunnel is already automatically starting from the first client's request. The application is entering to the database with the information about how this customer was attracted (phone call, consultation at the sales salon). And immediately the work plan starts. To avoid confusion, there appoints a responsible manager, who from now will oversee a potensial buyer.

  • 4. Tracking of the customer's history.  
  • All the information about the client and the work was done with him are gathered in the customer card. If the manager who led this client quit, fall ill or go on vacation - the client does not remain without attention. It is going to be just a technical detail to close the transaction by being aware of customer desire, plan and advantage.

  • 5. Simplification of tasks planning.   
  • CRM will not allow any task to be uncosiderat. Immediately after talking with the customer your manager create the action plan: Meeting, the next phone call, test drive offer or to sign the contract. On the appointed day and time the action will automatically appear in the list of his actions. Even forgetful manager will become more effective and the cross sales will increase!

  • 6. The quick document flow.   
  • With CRM due to blank form and document database sales becomes easier. Create contracts, commercial offers and application forms just by one click. Keep all the formulated documents in one register and send to other departments of the company. Share all the necessary information with credit, service and accounting departments. 

  • 7. Integration with İP  telephony.  

  • ProCRM easily integrates with IP Telephony system which gives you the opportunity to dial to your customer directly from browser, record all phone calls and to listen to them.

    8. Useful reports for facilitating collection and analysis of information  

Systematize any information about the signed and terminated contracts, car extradition, manager's achievements and activities in the form of graphical reports. Analyze, find the "weak links" and act!

Try ProCRM    for your company. With our intellectual CRM-system you will be informed about the needs of your potential customers and will not miss a single opportunity to increase sales!    

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