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Budgetary solutions for SMALL and MEDIUM ENTREPRENEURSHIP

We have created for you the opportunity to choose the solutions that fit your budget and company size.


Advantageous prices

We offer smart solutions that automate business management processes at at favorable prices!

Years of experience

For 15 years of activity in the IT market, we were able to earn customer satisfaction!

Complex solutions

Solutions that are able to resolve the difficulties that have arisen in the management process are always there as an excellent helper!

Visual reports

Auxiliary solutions for accurate and timely preparation of any report!


you get the opportunity to check visual reports on incoming and outgoing letters, appeals, complaints, grouping, registration and redirection to the destination of all documents.


Informative graphs of the general statistics of incoming and outgoing, answered, missed or lost calls, internal negotiations among the company's employees are created and visual reports are compiled.


preparing daily / weekly / monthly visual reports on delays, absenteeism, overtime work, fines, bonuses, advances of employees of the company.


information about redirected calls, made calls, offered goods and services, stages, etc. conducted negotiations is going to a single information base and, you get visual reports.


archives and visualizes reports on tests, exams, participants present, selected topics, questions, specialties and professions, directions and other aspects of the work.


you track the number of assigned, executed and unsettled, redirected, rejected, delayed, suspended, etc. instructions using visual reports.

Ilkin Garayev

Vice President of OMG Group of Companies

We give preference to the national brands of Azerbaijan, software solutions developed by local specialists. Prospect ERP is one of the most active companies in our country. The company does not stand still, develops more and more every day. And this means that they are working to provide better services.

Rauf Nagiyev

Chief doctor to Baku Emergency Medical Aid Station

As the head of the enterprise, I am very pleased with the cooperation with Prospect ERP. They deserve our disposition by the absolute justification of all our expectations from the software, our incredibly sensitive attitude to all our wishes. All the work done - installing the solution on computers, creating a single electronic database, archiving call forms and much more has become a pledge of our future cooperation with Prospect ERP.

Ibrahim Alisoy

Founder and CEO of IDEA

The level of development, competitiveness, enterprising - precisely because of these and, a number of other positive qualities, we decided to choose the company Prospect ERP. The high-quality solutions developed by this company helped us to simplify our work, to ease the load, which contributes to our satisfaction with the cooperation with this company. We are grateful to both the management and the staff of Prospect ERP, which differs from other local companies in its individual approach policy. It is very pleasant to work with the company, as a result of cooperation with which the coefficient of usefulness increases.

Jabrail Asadzadeh

Director of the Health Informatization Center at the Ministry of Health

Our feedback about Prospect ERP is satisfactory due to transparency of activities, high-quality, modern standards, important for the development of entrepreneurship management, based on the principles of partnership. We are grateful to the staff of the company for the professionalism and safe conduct of all operations.

Samir Alİyev

Director General of IDEAL Perfume and Cosmetics Shop

Our company has been cooperating with for a long time and we are completely satisfied with the high quality of the services provided. We highly appreciate the technical support, the equipment in terms of ICT, the clear work, the simple and convenient interface of the programs, the transparent work of the solutions used, as well as the efficiency, the highly professional functionality of the employees.


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