ProTask - effective management of current tasks and projects

1st module:


Through this software manager will assign tasks to employees under his (her) subordinate and control over their implementation. Also will make necessary modificatons and amendments. Course and implementation of assigned task is always under attention.

2rd module:

Current activities

Through this module an employee will daily control current works and their course while recording them. This infrmation will be made available to the manager will as and additional instructions wll be stated when required. Current works are carried out with phases and the course is under control.

3nd module:

Weekly working plan

Through this module an employee will note works envisaged for next week and will deal with their execution during that period and make necessary notes. Manager also will see this informaton and control over job of employee. The module shows performance of employees and ensures efficient use of working time.

4th module:


Through this module a manager or an employee can appoint meetings. It will notify regarding meeting time, venue and participants (attendees) while identifying them beforehand. Important issues, emerged challenges and failures are discussed in the meeting.

5th module:


The spesificity of this instrument is that several (in some case whole team) employees are involved to its implementation. Their executing commitments in the project are identified and daily control is conducted. The project is divided to several phases and time and responsible indivudual for each phase is identified.

6th module:


Through this module a manager or an employee can get familiar with report of works done during the month and analyse them. It shows commitment and approach of employees to their work and how useful they are for the company.

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