ProID - effective human resource management, registration of personnel and attendance

It is the Human Resources Management software with the unique functions.. With its help you will easily keep under the control daily work activities of your company staff.. By ProID you will be able to create employee data base and company structure, as well as carry out the creation of on-line vacancies, staff recruitment, training, attendance and payrolls calculation.

Use the unique ProID program for solving the principal issues of staff accounting and entire automation of personnel’s management! The modern IT system of human resources management would minimize the negative impact of the human factor and increase the efficiency of your HRM-service!

Benefiting it you may observe daily employment of your personnel in centralized order and acquire information regarding staff absent at workplace or being trained, having become ill or left for business trip. Develop CV bank in ProID and reimburse the staff deficit immediately after appearance of vacancy! Automatize the accounting of salary and reflect the personnel’s movement and change in list of staff with couple of clicks!

ProID easily integrates to other ERP systems and supports possibility of remote work. Assess the functionality of its modules and order demo-versions of the program just now!

Attendance Management

Payroll Calculation



1st module:

Structural scheme of company

Forget the confusions happening in case of numerous movements within the company. Owing to simplicity and functionality of ProID, intellectual program for management of enterprise's personnel the staff movement is expressed with one mouse click. Showing the employee’s new place in the list of staff ProID independently switches on the mechanism of further staff and financial account; develops appropriate order and notifies all division of the enterprise (local management, book-keeping, administration) regarding personnel’s rearrangement.

2nd module:

Personnel’s database

ProID is information system of personnel’s management automatizing and maximally simplifying implementation of the personnel’s personal cases. Recruiting new specialist it is enough to specify his/her basic data in the personal e-card. Further ProID will observe and express in the employee’s individual page all changes regarding professional increase, financial stimulations (bonuses, awards), training, business trips, etc.

Subsequently you acquire powerful database with “business portraits” and profiles of all people working in the enterprise.

3rd module:

Accounting of salary

ProID is more than a program of accounting the vacations and presence. The employee’s salary gets fixed basing upon the employee’s data you acquire through ProID in online mode. Information regarding overtime, delays, sick-leaves, business trips, bonuses and other factors impacting on the salary amount get automatically observed. ProID significantly simplifies the book-keeper’s work, salary accounting and management of the salary payment fund.

4th module:


ProID is automated personnel's management system with which you may acquire in centralized order regarding the appearing vacancies and potential candidates.

ProID allows developing CV bank and simplifies accounting the data of the candidates for recruitment. The system will specify the hot vacancies, held interviews and their results, observing the professional increase of each employee and planning usage of the staff resources. Using ProID you will acquire all important information from one resource.

5th module:

Training and courses

ProID simplifies organization of trainings, workshops and conferences. Using this program the personnel’s management and training are hold in centralized order involving branches and regional representations. You may plan the budget of each arrangement, determine the personnel needing improvement of qualification and insert them into the list of participants as well as observe the results of trainings and make conclusions regarding their efficiency.

6th module:

Branch network

ProID having simple and visually clear interface, wide opportunities for integration and access from various devices outstrips other automated systems of personnel’s management upon these parameters. Within the frames of this module the intellectual program simplifies control of employment and presence of personnel working in remote branches and holding accounting in the company as well as development of documents for the controlling authorities.

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