ProDoc - the effective management of electronic document turnover

1st module:

Incoming documents

The software implements register of various types of documents incoming to entities and organisations in the system and sending them to relevant departments and divisions for execution. Incoming documents are scanned and added to electron document. Thus, electron cycling of incoming documents are ensured. Execution time limit required by subject sending the document is recorded in the system, execution date is taken under control and automatic notifications are sent to executors about due executable documents.

2nd module:

Internal documents

It automatizes cycle of various documentation used within enterprises and organisatons. Document models of system covers full activity of enterprise including Accountancy, Human Resources and Administrative sections. The software formulates electron setting and form of documents by the system, electron confirmation by relevant people and history of operations.

3rd module:

Outgoing documents

The software carries out automatisation of documents sent to other subjects and responses to the letters received from them. The document is registered and operaton history of executors that developed this document is established. Responses to incoming letter is linked and connection chain is created. Outgoing documents are scanned and added to electron document.

4th module:

Preparation of documents

It automatizes development and verification process of documents (letters) sent from enterprises and organisations. Documents developed by executors are checked by responsible person and it is agreed for sending by electron confirmation operation. Register of outgoing document is directly made within prepared document and both are linked. The document is registered and operation history of executors developed this document is established.

5th module:


It automatizes direction of incoming documents to responsible people within enterprise and organization according to their designation. After responsible person receives document in electron format and under execution, the software sends the document in the form of instruction to other individuals. System related to instructions automatically creates tasks by responsible person to executors and controls on execution periods. Works done by executors under this instruction are reflected in operations history.

6th module:

E-power of attorney

System ensures implementation of operations regarding electron document turnover and management (preparation of documents, verification, confirmation, endorsement, signature, ec.) even responsible people and executors are absent at work because of various reasons. Responsible people and executors absent at work due to vacation, business trip, sick leave, etc. can assign their responsibilities to their other colleagues by compiling Electron power of attorney for relevant operations. All the operations made for Electron power of attorney are reflected in special history.

7th module:


Universal reporting module of the system can produce reports in various combinations for electron document turnover for any period (day, week, month, annual). Through visual reports it is possible to get compared results of various parameters reflected in circles and diagrams. Sorting is also possible for incoming subject, document status, responsibe person, executor and other criteria via different filters.

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