ProCall - effective management of Call centers and telephony system

1st module:


ProCall is a reliable soft for call center allowing processing inflow of calls without breaks and failures during full day. Accept incoming and make outgoing calls in the working mode available for you!

2nd module:

Caller ID

(Caller’s identification)

Opening of information regarding caller (identification function) is one of the most important tools promoting to increase of the client’s loyalty. Caller ID allows automatically «recognize» the subscriber upon the phone number and express the data on display. It makes possible immediately forwarding the caller to certain specialist, identify the old clients and start intercourse applying to them by name.

3rd module:

Auto Forward

Before opening call center it is necessary to take care for all subscribers without exception being able to call to operator or concrete specialist from first attempt and not wait listening to long hooters. Auto Forward function will provide automatic forward to the cell number after several long hooters. Thus, you will not lose any impatient client and may accept call also out of the office.

4th module:

Multi Level Security

ProCall allows providing full safety of your all center: the soft may be launched by operator, administrator or manager only after entering the password. You limit the personnel’s user rights by yourself or open access to any data. The ProCall Multi Level Security fully ensures you in safety of operative information of your enterprise!

5th module:

IVR system

If you want to turn a simple phone service into «amicable» and efficient call center, IVR system will help you in it. Within the module of interactive voice menu you may:

• attune personal greeting for the caller (it is an ideal method for underlining his exclusiveness and significance);
• benefit unlimited opportunities for distribution of calls from IVR menu;
• switch the subscriber unsatisfied by the provided information to vivid operator;
• attune the selection of intercourse language;
• attune the feedback system basing upon IVR menu and accept subscribers’ conclusions, complaints and offers.

6th module:

Voice messages

ProCall — soft for call center having opportunity for storing the voice messages. Using it you may record information read by subscriber to the VRU for listening to it further.
All details of the voice messages will be stored and in case of necessity you may review the information regarding the date and durability of the message as well as the phone number of the subscriber leaving it, etc.

7th module:

CALL Waiting

(CALL Waiting)

The function of managing the queue of calls is quite important for organization of the call center’s work (opening of phone service shall maximally reduce the time of call waiting for the subscriber).

By means of CALL Waiting of ProCall you may:
• put the calling subscribers to queue upon priorities;
• record sound of the client’s serial number in the queue to operator or inform him regarding the average waiting time;
• attune listening of advertisement or useful information by the subscribers on the line;
• notify regarding the feedback waiting order.

Thus, owing to ProCall you would soften the negative reactions of the subscribers obliged to count the seconds before being contacting to operator.

8th module:

Load balance & acd

(load allocation)

Owing to this module the soft for call center will equally balance the load among the personnel. You will decide by yourself to whom the calls will be forwarded in the first turn.
ProCall allows choosing between the operator having the least number of calls,
those spending the least time for accepting the calls and consultations and the employee taking the last place both on the quantity and the durability of calls.
Besides, other tuning options are also available.

9th module:

ProCall Administrator module

ProCall Administrator module allows managing telephony and fully control the operators’ work. Within the ProCall Administrator module you may:
• add, change and delete the categories of annexes;
• determine the operators’ statuses and obligations (e.g., some of them will accept the incoming calls and others will deal with actively calling to subscribers);
• listen to the records and archived voice files;
• regulate the work schedule fixing the days-off and non-working hours;
• develop Black list and add phone numbers there

10th module:

ProCall Supervisor module

Organization of the work of call center within the module of ProCall manager is firstly an online control of the operators’ activity. Supervisor working with ProCall have opportunity to:
• hold online trainings;
• regulate the work of the operator’s service using the flash panel opportunities;
• control loading of the phone channels;
• determine the loading level of each employee working on calling and accepting the incoming calls;
• implement online support and work to personnel of call center (opening and presentation of information in current mode).

11th module:

ProCall Operator module

Soft for operators of call center provides opportunity for efficiently organizing the work with incoming and outgoing calls including:
• responding to calls and implement their accounting using soft phone;
• managing own working status (putting “offline”, “online”, “busy” and other notes);
• processing several calls simultaneously;
• accepting notification of incoming call to own monitor while the call is incoming (even at other open softs);
• using the internal chat.

12th module:

Targets set before operators basing upon the data from the client’s base

Within the frames of this module of ProCall soft for call center you may implement search on gender, residence (county, city), type of activity (profession), salary, amount and number of loans, maximal credit line, etc. with further allocation of the subscribers among the operators and setting targets for certain day, week and month. Besides, selection of subscribers upon the aforesaid criteria in various combinations and their automatic distribution among the operators in the automatic mode are also possible. For instance, a woman living in Binagadi settlement and having loan debt in amount of AZN 1 or engineering specialist living in Sumgayit city and having salary in amount of AZN 500-600, etc.

13th module:

ProCall Prorec module

The soft allowing create voice archives is very useful attachment for the call center. You are not limited with ProCall in the opportunities of archiving the records of the incoming and outgoing calls. The available functions are specified below:
• compressing the files for their compact store;
• export of archive records;
• comfortable search of audio records upon the set criteria and their listening.

14th module:

ProCall message module

(mass / individual sending and acceptance of SMS)

ProCall system promotes to establish a call center having unique set of tools for efficiently serving the subscribers.
Owing to ProCall you gain an opportunity for notifying the clients, partners and personnel regarding the current and future events using the SMS sending function directly from the operator’s panel.
Mass SMS sending and integration with the existing context provider as well as integration with CRM and ERP systems are available. Sending of personified SMS also may be set basing upon the data accepted from the basis of enterprise.

15th module:

ProCall integration module

ProCall envisages opportunity for partial or full integration of equipment for call center with the database of your enterprise (compatibility with MYSQL, MS SQL, XML and other formats).
The information regarding the caller is gained from the database and automatically expressed on the operator’s panel.
Besides the standard information (surname, name, gender, location), existence or absence of debts, deposits, active and passive loans and their overdue also may be shown.

16th module:

ProCall Reports module

Procall Reports module allows to see:
• the total number of the incoming calls;
• the number of responded and non-responded calls;
• the number of the forwarded calls.
Owing to this module you may gain information regarding the operators’ actions including appearing and leaving the workplace,
lunchtime and other short breaks, return to calling and acceptance of the incoming calls after break (the soft shows its durability and time frames).
Procall develops reports regarding the number of appeals,
number of calls by the clients not choosing and menu item and the time spent for processing the information after the call, etc.
Export of reports is available (in Excel,Word).

17th module:

Marketing module

(automatic notification (inquiry, advertisement, announcement, warning))

Work and organization of call center will not be fully efficient without ProСall Marketing module.
Owing to this module of the ProCall system your subscribers may accept automatic calls with reminding the amount of the monthly debt repayment, the time within which the debt is subject to repayment and warning in case of overdue of the existing debt.
Using this tool you may easily attune the subscribers’ notification regarding the new actions, campaigns, services, change of your phone number, address, opening of new branches, etc.
Owing to the automatically outgoing calls from the ProСall system you may hold inquiry regarding the services, actions,
campaigns and clarify the level of subscribers’ awareness regarding them.

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