ProCRM - effective customer relationship management

You want to increase the level of sale and services for 10, 20, 30 per cents and more without expanding the staff and large-scale investments?

Application of crm of the ProCrm system will help you in it!

Benefit the unique system of management of the mutual relations with customers for preventing from buyers’ (customers’) outflow due to the notorious «human factor».

Besides the odd data particles use the ProCrm sole client base. Collect and analyze information regarding each potential client and use it in your work for serving better and selling more! Using the functions of crm system, segment the clients and develop strategy for serving them!

Applying the modern crm system (ProCrm may be purchased or leased even today) you may create excellent conditions for the sale and marketing department’s work. Owing to automation of the processes your personnel will process more applications, implement more calls and assign more meetings. ProCrm will allow seeing the result of their work.

1st module:

Clients’ database

Use this tool for collecting detailed information regarding the potential clients. This crm module for business allows creating profiles upon sectors and segments, determining the list of contact persons and insert own classification of transactions and contacts (upon turnover, fields, etc.) and, implement it quickly, clicking the mouse once. You may observe the activity of any person or company (institution) from your base and fix the monitoring of news at the corporate website as well as note the opened vacancies and participation at arrangements.

As necessary, crm is integrated to other systems and annexes.

2nd module:

Contact center

This crm tool for b2b and b2c segments allows contacting with potential and existing clients. Basing upon the opportunities of ProCrm you may make couple of clicks for addressed dispatch notifying the subscribers regarding the held campaigns, actions, special offers hereby increasing the total number of transactions and the average check. Notification of certain group of customers, a separate client or the entire base is accessible in ProCrm. Hereby, involvement of e-mail, phone contact or SMS is also possible.

3rd module:

Work with clients

Collect valuable information regarding clients and your mutual actions with them including the held meetings, purchase transactions (provision of services), volume of delivery, cost of the sold goods, date of transaction, the buyers’ conclusions, etc.

Crm solutions of ProCrm allow to your sale department:

  • • daily analyzing the clients’ data;
  • • assessing their potential «in exit» and in perspective;
  • • establishing the strategy of service and preparing the most profitable offers for customers and partners.

4th module:

Registration of agreements

This module significantly simplifies the control on holding the agreements. The necessity of this crm tool for construction companies and the entire niche of services cannot be underestimated.

Within the frames of ProCrm you acquire a sole register of agreements specifying the stages and terms of payments and their current statuses with opportunity of inserting information regarding the additional agreements and specifications. You may specify in the agreement card the main data, insert corrections and hold the history of changes.

ProCrm allows easily note the moments necessary for the customer and notify regarding expiry of warranty and service period as well as implement other actions directed to improvement of the terms of cooperation.

5th module:

Meetings with customers

Use crm for sale department as tool of analysis and control. ProCrm allows fixing the result of any mutual action with clients including meetings, presentations and discussion of terms of cooperation.

Hereby, managers, market specialists and sellers see in which stage of the sale funnel the potential client «froze» and which steps may be implemented for stimulating the client for action. Managers gain opportunity for assessing the efficiency of the sale department and separately each seller.

6th module:


Using this tool of crm for services as well as wholesale and retail sectors the time is significantly served. No necessity in bulky paper reports and table any more. Information regarding activity of all fields of company is accessible and evident for control and analysis.

Graphical reports in details reflect the marketing processes and results of work with customers and allow comparing the different indicators, clarifying the similar tendencies, finding errors in various stages of mutual actions with potential customers and partners.

Analyzing the acquired data provides ability for better satisfaction of the clients’ demands and increase the sale level.

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