ProAsk — intellectual soft for creating tests

If your organization’s activity is connected to education, examining, certification...

If you implement control assessment of servants’, students’ or graduates’ knowledge...

If you want to recruit the best candidates to the vacant positions using own soft for creating test and analyzing its results...

If you plan to maximally regulate the process of the personnel’s attestation (re-attestation) and automatize the examining process...

ProAsk, a unique soft for creating tests and testing will help you realizing all of your intention.

Owing to ProAsk the complex «internal kitchen» of exams and attestations becomes simple and clear. No more confusions with checking and calculating the scores, manual calculation of rating and development of lists. ProAsk minimizes the possibility of error limiting human interference and provides almost unlimited opportunities for integration to and compliance with the enterprise’s demands.

Using ProAsk you may adequately assess the personnel’s qualification level, automatically develop the lists and submit the attestation results to the HR (book-keeping) department. You would quickly and easily regulate the process of checking the level of knowledge and habits as well as develop the list of worthy candidates for the vacant positions. ProAsk is integrated to various databases, websites, payment systems and, allows switching telephony and necessary devices (IP-cameras, scanners, printers) to the system.

Intellectual ProAsk solution promotes to manage several examination centers simultaneously, see the results and provide informational support in online mode.

Install the demo-version of ProAsk, the best soft for creating tests! Assess the opportunities of its modules and “amicability” of the interface. Spare your time launching the complex testing mechanism upon several clicks!

1st module:

Administrative module

Within the present ProAsk module you have opportunities to:
• establish database (insert information regarding the personnel and examinees),
• add possible guides;
• determine the rights of administrators and other users (you decide by yourself for whom and in which level to open or limit the access to the functions of the soft for creating tests on computer and the authorities rendered to each employee).

ProAsk allows creating the tests bank as well as developing, activating and modify the questions, attach pictures, allocate the testing tasks upon various criteria (complexity, direction, date, authorship, etc.)

Within the present soft for creating tests for pupils you may shuffle the variants of answer in queue various for each examinee or fix the answer (for instance, it’s permanent staying on 4th or 5th place).

Fixation of the exam type and determination of its content are easy in the ProAsk constructor. Within the administrative module of the softs for creating interactive tests you may:

• attune different levels of exams’ complexity;
• mark and assort the questions upon different topics and directions, complexity level and fix the question type (with one or several variants of answer, determination of precise order, compliance, etc.);
• fix the percentage of difficult and easy tasks;
• establish the examinees’ list and so on.

ProAsk makes possible to render maximal number of scores for answer to certain question, grade the tasks upon complexity and assign the border for the lowest passing scores. Upon the exam, the system will automatically compare a participant’s result with the sample indicator.

You may develop the schedule of exams held separately (in various buildings or rooms), specify the date and time of exam and the number of places. The systems allows holding competitions, inquiries and voting upon the set tasks with further collection and analysis of the results.

The personal ProAsk cabinet is easily complied with the customer’s demands. It expresses information regarding the examinee (existence of certificates, membership in organization, history of passing exams, etc.) ProAsk may fix existence or absence of access to testing basing upon any criteria (e.g. not allowing for the next exam the candidates not having appropriate category, certificate or notice of passing the last exam).

Convenience of the present soft for creating educational tests is that many initial data (e.g. questions, the personnel’s list, etc.) may be imported. Upon completion of exam ProAsk would generate and archive the reports, both standard and unique ones developed upon the personal template.

2nd module:

Responsible person’s (online-observer’s) module

ProAsk soft for testing provides wide monitoring opportunities. Switching to the panel in online mode the personnel may observe necessary exam centers simultaneously in sole window in various insets. The system shows to the observer the total list of the examinees and allows observing each examinee by name and seeing their status (on line, absent at place, deleted) and progress (the number of passed questions). Upon completion of the exam the responsible person demonstrates the total and individual results on the screen.

The observer may react to the examinee’s actions making text notices. For instance, upon third notice the pupil will leave the exam. Graduate (or pupil) may apply to the observer during exam sending text message via own panel.

3rd module:


The work of the exam module of the softs for creating tests and testing starts from the informational part. In first step, the candidate is offered to get acquainted with the rules of passing the exam and affirm own consent.

An examinee sees:
• the navigation window in view of scheme having text promptings and arrows clearly specifying the way of using the ProAsk panel;
• own photo, name and surname.

During the exam an examinee may:
• answer to questions and change the answers, note some of them as vexed;
• use calculator;
• see the testing statistics (the allocated (remaining) time, the number of the current question and progress of own passing the tasks);
• switch on the filter of answered, vexed and unanswered questions;
• apply to the online observer for help;
• extend and diminish the type of question, change the panel sets extending it to the full screen.

4th module:


The soft for creating e-tests allows setting one-or two-step authorization.

At the first step the examinee inserts all necessary data into the system (including the name, patronymic, position, information of education, contacts, date of birth, number and series of ID Card, etc.), shows own login, chooses the answer to the secret question and passes initial registration.

Upon approval of the registration by the administrator, the candidate receives e-mail or SMS with reference to exam and access. Sending of promo-code for discount with showing the percent is also possible.

An examinee may independently choose the exam as well as its date, time and place (the parameters get optionally set). For paid tests, upon implementing the payment the candidate gains opportunity for uploading PDF-permit to exam (reference for uploading appears automatically).

5th module:


ProAsk has unique opportunity of integration to websites, telephony, notification systems, relative softs (ProSpect ERP) and alien databases. As necessary, online payment systems and various devices lie IP-cameras, printers, scanners, etc. also may be linked to ProAsk.

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