ProSpect app is now available for Android users!

For your convenience we created a mobile version of the long-awaited software ProSpect, which will allow you to work productively even when there is no computer around. The new service allows owners of smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system stay informed of ongoing cases and save time.

What are the advantages of the mobile version of ProSpect?

1.Instant access to information, wherever you are

Now connection to the system is easy as a pie! No need to rush to the office, you can manage the affairs in a convenient place to you. By running the application on your phone, with a single touch you can make an appointment, confirm permission, request a certificate, form any reports and etc.

2.Notification system

One of the essential advantages, which provides us this application is the ability to receive notifications about the current activities of employees (deviations from the work schedule, appointments, requests of permission,inquiries and etc.). Incoming notifications draw the user's attention with a beep and a special badge. Thus, you will always be informed about the new notifications.


For the convenience of users, on the application's main page, there is an opportunity to see all the unfinished affairs. Due to this function, with a single tap, you can see information such as unconfirmed permits and requests for prepayment, not reviewed inquiries, important data that addressed to you and perform relevant operations (confirm, approve, reject, execute and etc.).

ProSpect ERP system, constantly thinking about their customers, applies the latest technological innovations in their solutions. In the near future is expected to launch a program for users of devices running iOS mobile operating system. Keep following us!

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