We opened "ProSpectAcademy" programming school!


We invite you to classes of programming!
 If you are interested in this field and want to expand your experience and gain more knowledge, welcome to join us.
 We organize a school that provides holistic development that helps students hereinafter to become independent programmers.

In our "ProSpect Academy" there will be the most popular in the world of programming classes:

  • php lessons- programming language classes;
  • javascript уроки - scripting language classes;
  • html lessons- web-pages creating tutorials;
  • css lessons- site creation lessons.

Classes will be lead by successful professionals who are more than anyone else familiar with subtleties of this profession and have rich experience. Students who successfully complete the school have an opportunity not only to gain theoretical knowledge in the field of programming, but also an internship in a large company with the possibility of work in a friendly team.

Requirements for candidates:

  • - basic knowledge of PHP, HTML CSS and JavaScript (jQuery) skills are desirable;
  • - desire to develop;
  • - activity, responsibility.

After the training all participants will be awarded a certificate, confirming training uptake in programming field.

Interested persons can follow the link below and fulfill the application form.
Candidates meeting the requirements will be contacted in the near future.
 CV Form

We will be glad to teach you!

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