"PRONET" company among the sponsors of the Risks Management Forum

On May 26 of this year, Azerbaijan Risk Professionals Association will hold a forum on risk management. The main purpose of the forum is to prevent possible problems and business risks. The topic of this year`s event is devoted to the banking sector.

Given the rapid development of the banking sector, the inevitable increase in risks is quite expected.

This forum, where risk specialists, auditors and consultants of banking risk are going to participate, will hold extensive discussions on risk management. The upcoming forum is an opportunity to get a broader understanding of the possible risks, the development of business relations and risk management in the banking sector.

Media agencies, risk consulting companies, international auditing and rating agencies, banks and microfinance institutions, as well as a number of other government agencies will take part in this event, which is sponsored by PRONET

This is not the first collaboration of PRONET with ARPA. Thus, at the end of last year ProASK - automation module of the examination process of ProSpect ERP system had been implemented in ARPA

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