PRONET company started cooperation with the “Code Academy”

The current in the High Tech Park "Code Academy", is a project to help young people, having ideas, implement them, providing the necessary technical knowledge. The main aim of the project is to teach them the real knowledge and skills of programming and help them in their future careers by applying their knowledge in real projects.

Students who participated in the 12-week master class, at the end of the course will prepare for interviews and take part in meetings with major companies to build a career.

Let`s note, that participating in the "Code Academy" persons, under the supervision of experienced and professional mentors, will be able to apply their knowledge in a real work in different projects.

To improve solutions and enhance the quality of the work, PRONET company always attracts qualified professionals.

In cooperation with the High Tech Park, experts graduated an intensive course on programming, will participate in development of solutions for business automation.

Thus, we are sure that our cooperation with “Code Academy” will have a big impact on growing professionals and increasing interest to this field.

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