Prospect - a modern business management ERP-system: an integrated approach to solving 1000 problems!

Whatever you do - manufacturing, retail trade, transportation or the provision of services - in the process you are likely to encounter a 99% cash, time and reputational losses because of the notorious human factor.

Employees` mistakes and the lack of a systematic approach to business processes lead to the fact that:

  • clients have expressed dissatisfaction with the speed and quality of service;
  • products accumulate in stock are the same group, other items are missing;
  • delivery time thwartes;
  • you pay the fines and penalties;
  • conclude fewer trades than you could;
  • lose customers and money.

Prospect products will help to minimize risks, eliminate errors and streamline business management!

ProCRM a multi-faceted system for customer relationship management. It allows you to store and organize tons of information about your customers, analyze and segment your data in a few clicks. Powerful database control of conducting transactions and their stages, individual selection of proposals and actions on the base sectors, many "chips" for analytics - these are just a small part of ProCRM opportunities! Powerful database, control of conducting transactions and their stages, individual selection of proposals and actions on the base sectors, many "chips" for intelligence - these are just a small part of ProCRM opportunities! Use it and increase sales as much as possible!

Prospect module for human resource management will bring perfect order in the segment of HR. With ProID eliminates the need for huge human resources department, and work of the accounting department significantly ordered. Due to ProID you will see the whole employees picture, know about location of any employee (including subsidiaries and divisions) in online mode as well as on the basis of the collected data, pay fees and make financial penalties.

ProCall - management solution for contact centers and telephony, that adapts to the characteristics of any enterprise, integrates with ProCRM and ERP systems, service modules, technical support, and visualizing reports. ProCall has everything for the efficient operation of your company`s telephony system load balancing and ensuring continuous operation, voice messages, "smart" customizable menu, a marketing module and records archive, hierarchical division of the director, operator, administrator`s functions!

ProLog — a unique module for logistics management. By installing it, you will:

  • receive a single warehouse database, vehicles and workers;
  • be able to manage orders and shipping status, track their movements and receive data online;
  • monitor the amount of residual and distribution of goods in warehouses.

With ProLog you will significantly improve the quality of planning and ensure timely delivery!

ProDoc module is designed for the efficient management of electronic document flow. He will relieve you from the curse of lost documents and unanswered letters. With this decision of Prospect, all the electronic paper will be sorted, promptly processed and sent to work.

ERP software of automation of financial and accounting ProCent will help to register the operation of income and expenditure, to reflect the financial side of transactions and sales (including those made on credit and installment), manage warehouse stocks, identify the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and more. Install ProCent and enjoy the simplicity and ease of working with finances!

We are continuously developing and bringing to market innovative solutions of Prospect, such as ProAsk and ProReports. And we are convinced that the future belongs to those who are not afraid of innovation, and is committed to continuous improvement in their work.

Today, more than 70 domestic and foreign companies evaluated the effectiveness of our multilingual, customizable and easily configurable with other systems products. And this number is constantly growing.

Would you like to get professional help and solve most of the problems of the enterprise by automating processes? Contact us - we will find the necessary decision and arrange a free demonstration for you!

We opened "ProSpect Academy"programming school!

We invite you to classes of programming! If you are interested in this field and want to expand your experience and gain more knowledge, welcome to join us.

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PRONET company started cooperation with the “Code Academy”

The current in the High Tech Park "Code Academy", is a project to help young people, having ideas, implement them, providing the necessary technical knowledge.

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